Issue 1

JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND MEDICAL TEACHER (Official Journal Of S.S.Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre, Davangere-577005, Karnataka, India) Volume-3, Issue-1, JERMT 2015

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1 Educational Review
The need of Attitude and Communication Competencies in Medical Education in India.
VinodKumar C.S., Suneeta Kalasuramath, Chethan Kumar S., V.L. Jayasimha, Shashikala P.
2 Educational Research
Evaluation of Cognitive and Psychomotor skills in performing Benedict’s test amongst Ist M.B.B.S students
A. VijayaLakshmi, V. Sunanda, D. Jagannadha Phaneendra, S. Praveena
3 Educational Research
Students perception on different formats of written assessment in Medical Education.
Trupti B. Naik, Amruthkishan K. Upadhya, SwaroopRani N.B., Mita D. Wadekar, Vijaykuamr Mane, Asmabegaum Biradar
4 Educational Research
Reinventing overhead projector to enhance small group skill learning process.
Gayatri L. Patil, Tejaswi V. Pujar, B.N. Seema, L.S. Patil, Ajith Sathyanand P., Shashikala P.
5 Educational Research
Objective Structured Practical Examination for Gram stain – An effective tool in formative assessment.
V.L. Jayasimha, Satish S. Patil, K.G. Raghukumar, Vinodkumar C.S., K.G. Basavarajappa
6 Educational Research
An Insight into the answering pattern of physiology theory papers by 1st MBBS students.
Vidya M. Nadiger, Shashikala P., Ankur Majumder, Renu Lohitashwa, D.V. Deshpande
7 Educational Research
Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on knowledge regarding road safety measures among Higher Primary School Children at DRR School, Davangere
Praveen B. Kadur, Madhukar S., Darshan Bevoor, Gurupada K.P.
8 Educational Research
An Analysis of Posters Presented at an Annual Anaesthesiology State Conference
Dipali Anand Taggarsi, Arun Kumar Ajjappa, Sapthami Gowda S., Shashikala P.
9 Educational Research
Effectiveness of BLS Training in improving the Knowledge and skills among Medical Interns.
Arun Kumar Ajjappa, Chirag Babu P.S., Sapthami Gowda S., Shashikala P.
10 Educational Research
Use of Over Head Projector for teaching and learning Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology skills to undergraduate students and their Perception
Kavita U. Gowda, Shashikala P., Sreevidyalata G.M.
11 Educational Research
Model making exercise- A new tool for teaching & learning anatomy and perception of students towards it
Nagaraj Mallashetty, Veeresh Itagi, A.V. Angadi
12 Educational Research
Course of Facial nerve taught using the corridor of Anatomy block – An innovative method in Teaching
Santhosh M. Bhosale, Sanjeev Kolagi .I
11 Educational Forum
Post Graduation in Emergency Medicine : Master of all Arts?
Vinaykumar S.